Offseason Day 1: Bucs sign 2 of 8 and Presser Review

Today Twitter was ablaze with activity as Bucs players streamed in the doors at 1 Buc Place. There is a ton of information available in both social media and at many of the fine websites on the Bucs, so please stay tuned during the day to both avenues as activities willbe happening quickly. The highlight of the day was a press conference with Mark Dominik which you should listen to but until then, take a watch of my summary video.

Interesting points discussed:

  • We signed 2 of our 8 draft picks (Foster and Hardy)
  • The media REALLY wants to know if Ruud is gone (and is taking from MD’s comments that he is)
  • The media cannot make it through a presser without a shot at internet people (I know, we fear that which we do not understand)
  • Caddy is represented by the same firm that represents many other Bucs so discussions are underway
  • MD seems to really want Davin back (more positive about him than Barrett
Take a watch here and then watch Mark (22 minutes or so on It is worth your time (his video is, mine is questionable).


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