2017 Saturday Bake Off – Bucs Training Camp 8/19

Man, it was a hot one! Team looked a little sluggish but got good work in. The offensive line is in a bit of disarray with the injury to D. Dotson. With Benenoch and Pamphile out today, the line shuffled well and the return of Evan Smith was met with some solid production along the line. Coach Koetter seemed a little fiesty in the post practice presser but not in any sort of negative way. This is the time where championship rosters are made. The “underwear football” moniker is shed and every rep counts. There will be talented players cut from this team that will produce elsewhere. It is Koetter’s (and staff) job to give our team the best chance and right now, the cut line at WR, OL and Safety are razor thin.

I think Martino has the inside track on WR5 and feel they can hide Wilson on PSquad. Bigs in the middle on defense will come down to Coach Smith’s desire for flexibility and what the team thinks about their DE productivity.

See you guys Thursday on the podcast!