A Giant Problem

Man, the fans acted out. Bipolar lunatics. You would think we should have already been sizing up our Super Bowl Rings. The rage was palpable.

The team responded in a less than ideal fashion. Leadership with hats and helmets showing a short fuse and lack of composure.

This team had high expectations. The microscope it is under is non-trivial.

Against a Vikings team, our Bucs found a way to underperform and get their teeth kicked in. Make no mistake, they were beaten. Soft coverage, inability to pressure the passer, lackluster performance of an offense that should be spectacular and gameplan on both sides of the ball that has me still scratching my head.

This week, the Bucs must rebound at home and right the ship. The Giants are a proud franchise that does NOT want to see that ZERO in the win column anymore and they know if they do, their season is statistically almost over.

Joined by Steven Cheah (@Cheah_Say), we break down the collapse in SKOL-Ville and talk about how things can get better versus the G-Men. I look to see Jameis step up. I look to see Beckwith step up. I look to see the fans support this team and I am looking forward to having a GREAT TIME Sunday supporting our Buccaneers as they march to 2-1!