Broncos Post Mortem and Carolina Preview – Not Explicit

Tonight we thought the narrative would be how to keep the fans on the ship. An hour of begging and pleading with folks to give the team time. Sure, we would get to the discussion about what went wrong versus Denver but the emotional outpouring was so great, it felt like no X’s and O’s tonight.

Instead, Mark Cook of Pewter Report and I dove in with both feet. We talked each level of the defense and all aspects of the offense. Take a listen and let us know what you think.

  • Predictive MVP’s
    • Offense: Rodgers (OldSchool) – Evans (Cook)
    • Defense: VH3 (OldSchool) – Kwon (Cook)

Score Prediction:

OldSchool – Bucs win 31-20

Cook – Panthers 24-19