Bucs Training Camp Report: Monday August 7th

Moments of brilliance and moments of despair. The QB’s at camp today had both of them with more turnovers than anyone would like but also some beautiful completions. The Field Goal kicker drama continued, though the two matched each other’s ineffectiveness. Wilcox and Evans both got more and varied reps at safety which is part of the camp plan according to Coach Koetter in the post-practice interview. Early on, the offense moved the ball well which may have been the result of a missing Gerald McCoy who was out by schedule. After a few series, Clinton McDonald seemed to find his pace and the defense turned the tide.

Linebackers looked good in run support but the tight end group showed out a fair bit today. Brate and Howard continued to impress with Stocker being steady and Alan Cross making some very nice plays today. The darling of camp, Auclair, was quiet today.

Brent Grimes continues to impress as he draws tough assignments every day but somehow manages to impress regardless. The aggression of this defense is evident so be ready for some fun play on defense that when it comes together, should lead to extra possessions for an offense that has a ton of weapons.

Quietly, Doug Martin continues to impress. That is his job but he is doing it well right now.

We will be at each camp in Tampa this week and live on Thursday with our podcast.