Camp Day 7: Thud and more thud

Testing using the podcast stream for these as well. Do you like them coming into your feed this way instead of Youtube?

Florida showed up today folks. The clouds were nowhere to be seen and the team got a taste of Florida summer in full pads. QB play was sharp across the board and the offense was able to make some progress against a defense missing Swaggy Baker and Robert Ayers. Focus on the deep ball was evident and Jameis delivered admirably. Camp is also a great time to test the decision-making process which looked pretty solid today. Coach reminded the media that the work Jameis is having to do in camp is on specifics and minutia which puts him ahead of many. Ryan Griffin continues to impress me and may make a surprise decision for our Bucs.

We will be live next week again on Thursday and here for every camp between now and then.

As for the kicking battle, Aguayo was perfect today which triggered Coach to encourage him to eat the same breakfast tomorrow.