Come join us LIVE at O’Shys Taphouse in Largo

Today is the day. We are all trying to get a tailgate fix and O’Shys is the place to do it. In a weak attempt to squeeze a few more hours out of my latest birthday, we are having an offseason tailgate at our friend’s new digs! On tap (that was a pun) for today is:

  • Lots of anger and discussion about the state of Labor relations in the NFL
  • Ponderings about the upcoming draft and a question about a Draft boycott
  • Review of the Pass defense due to the spectacular work of Calico Jack (who we hope to see in Largo!)
  • Discussion of one of the greatest events in sports: The NCAA Basketball Tourney
  • Bucs Trivia
  • Live cornhole tournament (no title is on the line here, this is unsanctioned)

It is a tailgate, so bring something to share as our friends are so early in the opening process that their kitchen is not even open yet! The taps are though, with 46 different beers on tap and over 100 available in total.

Like that ‘dancer’ in Bogota, O’Shys only takes cash, so bring some greenbacks and a good attitude and let’s have some fun!


NOTE: Address is 80 Clearwater Largo Road SOUTH, Largo, FL.