Week 4 Loss and the Murder of the franchise I love (EXPLICIT)

Yea, so maybe that is a little melodramatic but I love this game. I went to a school with an uninteresting college football program and to be honest, I always liked the pro game more. I love sports and I love what should be the purity of the league.

I know there is a business side that sullies the purity I crave but I have even, through work experience, come to appreciate that dance. One thing I had to learn is that these players, while thought of as assets by the people running many organizations, are human beings. When you build your organization on a platform of “Trust, Belief and Accountability,” you set a tone that you better damn well be willing to maintain.

I no longer Trust. I no longer Believe. I am holding the organization accountable.

If performance on the field is the reason for moves, then moves need to be made. This team owes the few fans that do actively support it far more than this leadership team is providing. The Bucs have become a joke and they have nobody to blame but themselves.

This is my latest rant. It is not pretty. I know many may thing I am a moron for caring this much about people that clearly could not care any less for me.

Think what you will. My guess is you never went to school at UF anyway you just like jean shorts. (I kid but seriously).

This matters. We will continue to celebrate the player son the field. THEY ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. We will continue to support the charities that we raise funds for. We will continue to hope, despite the fame and saving grace that may result in the success, that our TEAM is successful on Sundays.

Most of all we will hope to be able to be proud to be Bucs fans again. If not this year, there’s always next year.

Bucs, you embarrassed me and all of your fans through these actions. Get off your collective asses and win us back.