EXPLICIT – Week 2 and we pissed another away

Once again, despite our amazing ineptitude and inability to master the very basics of football (like lining up properly and getting plays called), we were in position to win the game. with 1:06 left we attempted a 47 yard field goal to put the game out of reach for a FG and force Drew Brees to march the length of the field (assuming we didn’t get an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, OR TWO, for excessive celebration). Instead, we missed the kick and let the Saints walk right downt he field to kick a chip shot, game winning field goal and take a HUGE lead in the division.


The coaching staff should be embarrassed. For the second time in as many weeks we were incapable of the very basics of football. I am ignoring all of the illegal hits and such, I am simply talking about delay of game, illegal procedure, illegal formation and other brain dead, inexcusable crap.

Clean this shit up guys. The defense is playing hard and well enough to win. Help the offense out will ya.