Full Contact Thursday!


OK your freaks! I know my schedule has sucked (and will continue to do so). With a new son on the way, I know that I will drop the ball a few times. I appreciate my man Sam and Pat for filling in and always hope to make sure you guys get your fix even when I cannot be in the chair. That all being said, it has been too long since we did it OG WTB? style.


Tune in at 9 PM EDT April 19th and let’s chew the fat (stifle!). We will not be talking about the same 16 permutations of draft choices. We will have emotional discussion about the changing of the guard. We will discuss the impact of TJack’s departure and conjecture as to why and what the carryover effect might be. We will be animated. We will be polarizing. In short, we will be what we are.


Join us in chat. I suspect it will be an hour show but you never know. I will have just gotten my ass kicked at a bootcamp so I doubt I will be chipper.

Reminder: Full Contact shows are NOT FCC approved. You have been warned.