More Misery – 8 to 10 PM

I wish I could sugar coat this. I wish I could talk about a silver lining. I wish I could tell you that I see the path to a turn around for the team that we all love so much.

I cannot do any of that.

I also will not simply beat up the same shitty, hindsight driven talking points that have most folks in a froth. We will talk about the most RECENT ass whipping in Carolina. We will discuss the why’s and the how’s. We will also talk about the state of the team. This is the time for rampant rumors and speculation (sadly, that is what sports media has turned into now as I watched three segment son Kim Kardashian’s effect on Kris Humphries game and whether or not it was ‘fair’ that Humphries was booed at the game. THis on the heels of a report that some Falcons players were upset about the Saints going for the record last night.)

Steve White, our regular featured guest was out of the state an unable to do the level of research and review tht he normally does and has subsequently bowed out of tonight’s show. In speaking with him, I told him he probably had a better Christmas as a result! So, with his absence, tonight we will do a “Water Cooler” show on 2Hand Touch. You oldies are familiar with that. The phone lines will be open the whole show. Bring your thoughts. Bring your opinions. Bring data to support both. We will talk it out and have healthy discussion.

To call the studio, the numbers are:

Toll Free: 888-404-1010    Pinellas County: 727-579-1010 Text Line: 44010

We will be live in the Chatroom as well.