PODCAST: 2016 First New Show with Mark Cook. OTA Time

Folks, we are BACK! We tried some new stuff tonight and learned a bit:

  1. Mixlr seems to work really well
  2. People miss video but they get it
  3. Facebook Livestreaming is cool but choppy (Need too figure out if it is a connection issue)
  4. Mark Cook is a good sport
  5. It is hot in Florida
  6. OTA’s means no stands

I mean it when I say we have a lot of new things coming down the PIKE (Thanks guys) so please do spread the word. If you have ways you would like us to interact, let us know that too. We have been rejuvenated by you guys, the hearts of the community and the faith of some of our new sponsors and friends. Great things to come!

Save the date: 8/20: The WTB Kick Off Party. More details soon.