Coaching Review – With @DarrenDoxey and @SGW94

JackieAssCrownMan, ain’t technology grand? At long last and after much assistance, we are back to better than full strength here at WTB? We come back in this episode with a power packed extended show featuring Darren Doxey (Writer for Chicago NOW! and a Podcaster on all things Bears) We follow that discussion about Lovie as a Head Coach with the return of our favorite guest, Steve White.

I have to admit, it has been too long for this stuff. It was great hearing from you guys and having our guests on so thanks to both for joining. Next week we will have Mark Cook in studio again so be ready for that!

Oh yes, I apparently upset one of our favorites. Our friend Jackie from the Winghouse (Great Sponsor!) is normally features as a sign off image displaying one of her assets. I went live later to show her but she was grumpy. For that, I will now share it with you all.