Eagles BEAT DOWN and Colts Preview

So first, apologies for our technical issues. Last week went so well we tried to up the game again and ended up not being able to simulcast to UStream. I know a lot of you were over there and confused and missed the show. We will try to get that fixed by next week.

For this week, we were joined again by the Ginger Bad Ass, Mark Cook, and we gloated about our predictions and reveled in the win. Then we reflected and made sure people realized that we dodged a lot of bullets in that game. Also, we are IN the playoffs. If we lose, we go home. This week, we need to build on the success of last. There is GREAT growth everywhere. This week they need to go show that they have grown into a team that expects to win.

  • Predictive MVP
    • Offense: Doug Martin (If they dare stack the box Jameis goes for 5 Hundo)
    • Defense: A. Verner (2 INTs)
  • Score Prediction: Bucs win another going away and turn some heads, 38-20