Lions Dominate Bucs. RB’s uniforms still clean – with Mark Cook

The offensive gameplan is non existent. There is no way that running the ball this little even with the ineptitude of our offensive line makes any sense. If there is one way to predictably slow down a strong pass rush it is….

I’ll wait.


Someone, somewhere on this offensive squad needs to find a set and decide…and yes I mean make a decision to get mad about how bad we are right now.

I can tell you the fans are already there.

Big thanks to Mark Cook (@MarkCook9170) of Pewter Report (@PewterReport) for joining from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting where he forced shared our show with his students.

PS: M. Johnson or his agent, you should donate your game checks to a worthy cause instead of cashing them if you insist on playing at the poor level you are right now. You are probably a good and nice guy and that would make people less angry with the ridiculous amount you are being compensated to stink.

PPS: EDS – WTB? Roll a snap? Even if I looked past how bad you played the rest of the game that play summed up our offensive line’s season. You made Gilkey look like he should be playing and we all know that is not true.