We lost to the Pats and the Freeman Era is Over (Minor Explicit)

Never a dull moment in Buc Land. Despite a solid outing by Josh this week (with the normal array of drops by receivers and shit offensive game plan), the organization announced today that Mike Glennon will be the starter for our Buccaneers moving forward. As I have always said, I am about the name on the front, not the back of the jersey. Mike did nothing wrong. While I dislike this decision (and pretty much everything around it from execution to communication), I will be there screaming like a 12 year old Justin Bieber fan to see my Bucs win this week versus the Cardinals.

In this podcast we discuss the shit storm around the move, point out some items from the loss and generally talk Bucs football.

Bad week for Davin Joseph who was exceptionally bad this week (despite being a favorite and a helluva a player) but a big nod to Mark Barron who balled his ass of this week.

Let’s hope we can move past this QB battle and see the Bucs right the ship. As a fan, some of the luster is off of the team I love for the way this was done. That said, they are my team and I plan on being here as long as they are.