OTA’s and Camp Preview with Steve White and Rick Brown

Well, looks like the break is OVAH! We are back and ready to try and push the limits again. As we near my favorite part of the year (at least it will remain such until we return to the playoffs), we prep for our coverage of Training Camp and the hope of a new season.

Tonight we were joined by Steve White (@sgw94) to discuss the defense, DE depth and approach that these players will have here in their 2nd year with this staff and this system. We also discussed the Nickel CB role and what exciting things we might see this year.

Rick Brown (@RickBrown91) joined us representin’ Polk County all the way from Wesley Chapel and he was our eyes into the Media only camp dates telling us that VJack is not ready to retire and was turning heads and that the staff and players all seem to be transitioning well from the “learning” phase to the “doing” phase. He also let us know that our young signal caller, Jameis Winston, displayed two great traits early. He did not repeat mistakes but he paired that with a short term memory approach to failure that allowed him to continue to take the risks required of this position.

Take a listen, spread the word and rate us up folks!