Pre Draft show with Brian Dorry

I must love you guys! Our server is having problems and as part of the last changes to repair it before we migrate to a new box (yea, I said box), the settings for maximum file size were reduced. Now my web pimp is rightfully spending time with his beloved bride tonight as it is their anniversary. She tolerates his ridiculous hours normally so there is no way I could bother him to fix something this stupid tonight.

What did I do?

I went in and actually edited the podcast. I trimmed the intro and cut the outro as well as tactically removing space in the middle. It took 4 passes but I got the file size under the limit.

I did this for YOU!

Thanks to Brian Dorry (Getting his Twitter handle) for joining and everyone in the chatroom. Remember, wear your WTB? gear if you have it and are out Thursday or Friday and come join us at our event Saturday at the Winghouse for a live Round Table.