Preaseason – Patriots Pregame

Tonight’s show was a dance through the activities leading up to the largest party we have ever thrown AND a little look at our Bucs and what we need to see out of them versus the Patriots. Notes used for tonight are as follows:

  1. What we learned
    1. QB’s look shaky. All of them. Accuracy is an issue but sometimes it is being on the same page. This is the same shit we had last year. It should be better this year
    2. Our Offensive line could be special
    3. Our Defensive line is thin like we though – Bowers not ready for prime time yet.
    4. Linebackers will be stout versus the run and in blitzes but suspect to crossing routes – Tight End Dream matchup. 
    5. Secondary looks deep. Young guys need to be aware of the ball and make the play.
  2. What we need to see versus New England
    1. Offense
      1. 1’s need to put up points. 
      2. Offensive line needs to show it is a strength (pending Guards Rotation)
      3. Field Goals are for Soccer!
    2. Defense
      1. Penetrate. Disrupt. Swarm.
      2. Sacks / Pressure
      3. 3 and out Counts
  3. Players that HAVE to step up
    1. Da’Quan Bowers – High draft and huge expectations
    2. Dakoda Watson – Has to OWN the SAM spot or we are in trouble
    3. Josh Freeman – Cause .. um.. Shit
    4. 3rd WR – Underwood or Ogletree
    5. Some other receiver

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