It’s REAL! Heeeerree Kitty Kitty – Panthers Week 1 Pregame

Holy shit we are excited! We finally get to play games that matter and I am not sure if you know it or not but right now we are tied for first in the division! Cam Newton is broken, the Carolina offensive line is a question mark (glass houses) and they have receivers who can’t catch.

And here we go again with similarities.

All kidding aside, this game should be a statement game for the Bucs. Steve White (@sgw94 on twitter) joined and the prevailing wisdom is that the Bucs defense will be too much and the offense will find a way to win.

Steve’s Prediction: Bucs win 24-7

OldSchool’s Prediction: Bucs win 24-13 (+2 Turnover Ratio)

Look for Mark Barron (Steve) and Gerald McCoy (OS) to impress on defense with Vincent Jackson (Steve) and Josh McCown (OS) carying the weight on the offensive side of the ball.

That said, Steve says the most critical player in the game is shiny new Michael Johnson who needs to dominate the edge to really bring this puzzle together.