Time to Measure. Next up, Patriots

Fresh off a win over the Giants who are not as hapless as their winless record might suggest, our mighty Buccaneers will step back out on the field straight from the cold tub to face the ever-deadly, New England Winners of Many Superbowls (Also known as the Patriots). Tom Brady is still the QB everyone remembers and the Pats are coming off a loss to the Panthers that had to feel like going to prom with Nuk Nuk’s cousin.

This week we talked Patriots and Bucs with Mark Cook (@MarkCook1970) of Pewter Report fame (@PewterReport) and discussed the highs and lows of the Giants win with an eye toward what can be done to beat the Patriots. I predicted a 38-31 win in a shoot-out with Beckwith and DeSean shining brightest under the lights.