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After Further Review – Buccaneers vs. Falcons II

Why? Because we have to.

What I got Right

Okay folks, so this game was pretty darned cut and dry. It was one that we’ve seen so many times it really is difficult to find a new way to discuss these issues.

Once again, the Bucs killed their own drives with turnovers and penalties. Once again the defense played decent football for about a half and then fell apart in the second half.

Once again the Bucs can’t stop any QB – period.

The undermanned Bucs offense couldn’t keep up with their siv of a defense. Frankly, Tampa Bay had no chance in this game.

I think Jameis and Mike Evans did all they could to keep their team in the ballgame but at some point, if Atlanta played up to their capabilities and didn’t turn over the football (which they pretty much did on both parts), they were going to win that game.

What I Got Wrong

I got on the offense a little bit about not playing complimentary football but frankly, the offense did all it could to stay in the game. They were perfect in the Red Zone, was a solid 57% on third downs and put up nearly 400 yards and 28 points.

That, without an NFL caliber running back and sustaining injuries to their starting center and 4th (5th?) string running back, further depleting the corps.

If you score 28 points in this league, you should win the football game.

And by the way, the plays were 70 each. Atlanta did have a slight advantage in time of possession.

Perhaps if the Bucs defense didn’t allow a 60% 3rd down conversion percentage they would be as gassed at the end of the ballgame.

Commentator Commentary

I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of Chris Collisworth. However, NBC gave Thursday Night Football something I think both CBS and NFL Network couldn’t – a big game feel to the night.

Al Michaels seemed bored at times, especially when the Falcons began to pull away. Collisworth was Collinsworth – but was suprisingly very complimentary of Dirk Koetter, Jameis and the Bucs despite their wilting against the superior competition.

The What the Buc Moment of the Game

Without question, Mike Evans channeling his enter Beckham, Jr. with a sensational one handed catch. It let the rest of the league know what we already know – Mike Evans is one of the top receivers in this game.

Around the Dirty South

For the second consecutive week, as the Bucs lost, everyone else in the division won, and Tampa Bay has gone from having hopes of closing in on first place to being tied for last.

Were the Bucs as Bad as they Looked.


Next Up

Can the Bucs please win a damn home game? Send the fans home happy for once. The Chicago Bears should not come into Raymond James Stadium and leave victorious. If they do…oh boy, the articles you will see on Monday and Tuesday. I’m scared to think of what Old School might have to censor to keep this family friendly.

J.C. De La Torre

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