“Ripped and Violent”? Be Careful What You Ask For

Aqib Talib Arrested
Aqib Talib Arrested

Just two days after Tanard Jackson was suspended for violating league substance abuse guidelines, another Buccaneer starter has run into trouble. Aqib Talib, projected to be a features player in this year’s Buc defense was arrested last night and charged with simple battery and resisting arrest without violence.

Reported by Pewter Report, this action is particularly concerning as the Bucs try to craft a secondary in their new defense. Talib’s skills were to be highlighted as one of the few Bucs corners to thrive in a more aggressive, bump and press man defense. More concerning is the implication that this has on new head coach, Raheem Morris and his ability to keep his players in line.

All offseason we have heard in Coach Morris’s shotgun-like soundbytes that he wanted hi players to be more aggressive and angry. Onlookers from fans to media professionals (and even hacks like me) have wondered if the ‘player’s coachc’ could draw the line between ‘player’ and ‘coach.’ Much will be made of this and rightly so as Coach Morris must show that he is in control of the locker room in Tampa.

Given the iron fist with which Der Kommissar Goodell is running this league, we are not looking forward to seeing the results of this latest activity. As mentioned on the show multiple times, you can get along with players, but you MUST be able to keep control of the team and maintain discipline.


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