Slight break in schedule and updates

Hello folks. There will be now show this evening. OldSchool is on the way to the land of Tree Huggers and Granola eaters (and Seahawks) for real work. The combination of real life and a dirth of information out of Buc land means that we will be trying to do some sort of Water Cooler show next week. We will update the Facebook page ASAP. On a more interesting note, the Calendar is moving forward as we have 13 lovely ladies that have so far offered their services. We will be getting information up on the site about the models, the luxurious locales and the planned layout. As always, we will be looking for your feedback as we put together what will clearly be the model (Ha, that is a pun) for all future calendars in the area.

On the sports front, Mike Clayton is still stealing from the team (as we type). Outward appearances are that this theft will continue throughout the next season. It is clear that everyone seems to think this guy’s time is done except the folks that forked out guaranteed money to him. The rookie crew looks solid and are all saying the right things. The big bated breath moment is coming forward with contracts as with Training Camp approaching, we need those cats all inked and in TC.

Speaking of TC, OldSchool mentioned last year during his coverage that the practice tempo sucked and that the precision was absent (as opposed to Camp Gruden). Like him or hate him, the guy ran an aggressive, disciplined camp. Coach Morris (we are not buying in to calling him ‘Rah’ though sometimes that slips on air) has got to find his own pace with that activity. He clearly does not want to be the disciplinarian that Coach Gruden was but the laid back summer camp he ran last year looked like a joke and ended up being one. The nice thng about that is that we will get a good sign of team management (coaching) progress early.

So keep sending in those emails and questions and participating on Facebook. More news on the way!


"Here's to good memories, ounce by ounce." --Matt Westerman Currently hosting an Internet Radio/TV show called "What the Buc?" covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! We are having a blast and would love to get feedback from you folks on it.

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