Super Bowl XLIV Prediction

Fairly short and sweet this time.

On one hand New Orleans has the league’s most dynamic offense, and the Colts are without their best pass rusher.

On the other hand how can you go against the best QB of this era? This is the biggest game of Peyton Manning’s career, and his team didn’t lose a game this year when he was leading the offense the entire time.

The Saints got after Favre, but Peyton doesn’t get hit.

Peyton doesn’t turn it over, but the Saints turned Warner and Favre over 3 times total while only allowing the 1 TD to Favre.

Do the Colts have an answer for Reggie Bush?

I realize the Jets and Ravens aren’t nearly as potent offensively as the Saints, but the Colts were able to hold those two teams to 20 combined points in their first two playoff games. In the week prior to playing the Colts, the Ravens and Jets scored a combined 50.

My head says Colts, but my heart says Saints (Dad’s a member of Who Dat nation). I’ll be pleased either way this one turns out as I’m a huge Manning fan, and I think it would be awesome if the Saints finally won a title.

I think the Colts pull it out, but I’ll be rooting for a close contest where both QBs play extremely well and the Saints pull it out in the end.

Score prediction (going with heart):

Saints 31-27

Drew Brees game MVP – over 300 yards passing and 3 touchdowns