Things to watch for vs Stony Brook (USF)

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A few things going into USF v Stony Brook to watch for

  1. This one is before the game even starts, there are rumors of a new field entrance for the Bulls. Seems that some die hard fans aren’t the biggest lovers of the “Running of the Bulls.” But, this should be no cause for debate, long story short, it’s college football and your team is coming out on to the field with beginning a new season and “A Holtz New Era,” so just enjoy your beer, sing the fight song and throw up the Bull
  2. Special Teams- The oxy-moron of this in years past for USF was that they were short bus special on kickoffs, punts etc. New coaching staff I seriously look for this to be improved this season, no stupid mistakes like muffed punts or terrible kickoff returns. Also, with Dontavia Bogan sticking solely to wide receiver, the coaching staff has had a wide array of players working on punt and kick returns. I have no predictions on what you’ll see, but I can guarantee that the coaching staff will be mixing and matching til they find some production.
  3. The running game. Word of late is that Redshirt Freshman Bradley Battles has torn it up in practice and has jumped past Demetrius Murray and 6th year senior Mo Plancher,(Who has been slowed the last month with a shoulder injury, but I think he was dropping in the chart even before that.) So this should honestly be the most interesting storyline for this Stony Brook game and definitely can have MAJOR repercussions on the rest of this season. If USF can find a go to back that will give solid and consistent production that would be HUGE for Skip Holtz and company.
  4. The passing game, early scrimmages had BJ Daniels really not in sync with his receivers. And who can blame him, with Dontavia Bogan the only healthy and experienced receiver starting this fall, on top of learning an entire new system which will use Daniels more as a pocket passer. Evan Landi and Bogan are both some good size physical recievers, but I seriously look to TJ Knowles (6’6 Juco transfer) to be a solid target in the red-zone. I’m curious to see how Lindsey Lamar is in the slot, especially now with 5’5 Derrick Hopkins challenging him at that position. Another sleeper, walk-on Stephen Bravo-Brown (Pretty slick name no doubt), coaches have been praising him quite a bit of late. Once this corps begins to click and develop Chemistry with Daniels, they could become one of the more solid in the conference.
  5. New System on offense- This season the staff has implemented a balanced pro/spread offense which will use the Tight ends (Who only had *7*catches last season, primarily pocket passer and more reliance on the run. Everything about this plan relies on other parts for it suceed. Which is why it is so important for the running game to produce. After Saturday, it will be much easier to understand the style the team will be running this season.
  6. Wonder how long Holtz leaves the starters in for Stony Brook with UF coming up in a week…. You want everyone to get experience but you NEED your starters in sync to have ANY chance of winning.

Now some more less serious ones

  1. Will Skip Holtz wind sprint out with the team just like Former Coach Leavitt was known for?
  2. New Herd of Thunder pre-game show. I add this a former HOT member, get in your seats for pre-game. It is worth it, and it sucks to play it when no one is in the stands.
  3. TSA Security, how incompetent can they be this season in the parking lots and at the gate?
  4. The amount of many stupid students will be busted for underage drinking and then complain about it on Monday in the Oracle.  I mean it’s only a law and you are in public. I vote for a season high of arrests!

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