Time for the cream to rise!

OK, by now everyone knows that Antonio Bryant is getting his knee scoped and will be out for 4 weeks. You also know that M80 has a gimpy hammy. What does this mean? For some it means an even more pathetic year for the Bucs. Those people have already picked a record for teams who have not played a single down yet. Here’s a little insight. Those people are usually wrong.

A big question mark already on arrival to camp was the WR position. We knew Bryant had the goods, but could he do it

With Antonio out, who will pick up the slack?
With Antonio out, who will pick up the slack?

 back to back? Once you got past #1, there were nothing but question marks. Clayton has never returned to his rookie form. Stovall always looks good in camp but can’t stay healthy or get on the field as a receiver. Hell, our #3 receiver (Clayton got the #2 by virtue of thatfat contract not by any work on the field, don’t kid yourself) was listed as Brian Clark. Nobody outside of Hillsborough County knows who he is!

That is all fnie though folks, because this is what training camp and preseason is for. A time for the Brian Clark’s of the world to step up and show that despite a lack of household name, they can play this game. Quite often, when the top tier players are healthy, the coaching staff forgets that evaluations have to be completed. Some of these guys (Cortez Hankton) do not get a chance to go out there and have their audition. At this point and for this position, we no longer have a choice.

The crew is known:

  • Brian Clark
  • Maurice Stovall
  • Dexter Jackson
  • Sammie Stoughter
  • Kelly Campbell
  • Mario Urrutia
  • Cortez Hankton
  • Joel Filani
  • Patrick Carter

Who do you see rising up? (By the way, as of the last camp practice I saw, that is my list in order)


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