WTB? Goes OldSchool – See you Sunday at the Tailgate!

Find our new home! X Marks the Spot!
Find our new home! X Marks the Spot!

As you may notice as you read this post, the site has undergone a transformation of sorts. In honor of this weekend’s festivities, we have switched up our skin thanks to web-pimp extraordinaire, Incognito of Buccaneers Territory! Since the team will be rocking the throwback colors we figured we should all follow suit. In fact, we may not switch back until we see something more reminiscent of our new Buccaneers (with deference to the 1979 squad).

Sunday morning we will converge on Ohio St. I know it is harder to find but there are like 6 maps out there folks. Get out there early as this tailgate should be outstanding! Rules are simple: Bring something to share or chip into the bar. Other than that, everyone is welcome! Here in Buc-land, we have little on the field to be excited about so these parties with friends are all we can cling to.

Tailgate Location

You see to the left the location of our crew. Parking is $15.00 but there are restrooms and Flat Panel TV’s as well as all the food and drink you can imagine. The normal cast of characters will almost certainly be in the house with many very recognizable fans like Captain Bones and BucNutz to mention only a couple. It is kids friendly, so bring the whole family out to our new, shaded location.

About the Game

As discussed this week on the program, we are now at the beginning of the rebuild. The franchise QB of the future is getting snaps now and we get to find out if the leadership of this team made a good bet. Josh Freeman will take over as the signal caller and we need the entire team to elevate their play to help the young man out. He will make mistakes folks. That is part of being a young QB. What we need to see is constant improvement and effort. That has become the mantra of this season and is more true today then it was in Week 1. This team CANNOT QUIT on us or the season is more embarrassing then the loss total they are accumulating. If this misery is in the pursuit of a better, younger squad that can compete year in and year out, then this pain is acceptable. Sadly, there are many signs that this is not the case.

The Packers come in after the second of two losses to their legendary former QB, Brett Favre. Their new leading man, Aaron Rodgers, is playing good football. They have a dynamic offense and a stifling defense. Realistically, we are in a deep, deep hole. However, the lack of expectations can play to the underdog’s favor as we have a chance to notch our first win in our old uniforms on a day where our only Hall of Famer, Lee Roy Selmon, is being added to our new Ring of Honor. On a day where the 1979 “Worst to First” team is being honored, this team. the 2009 Buccaneers (who are currently the Worst); can start their climb back up. I know it is easy to get mired in the negativity that surrounds the team. I have myself. But I want nothing more every Sunday then to see my team play at 100% effort for the duration of the game and hopefully come out victorious. Note the orderof that request. Every player on this team should believe that they are auditioning or interviewing for a job EVERY SINGLE WEEK! Why not? Nobody here has shown by their play on the field that they are untouchable. There are NO sacred cows on this squad. The difference between that nice, fat NFL paycheck and working at Best Buy is pretty slim (right Stylez?).


I received a survey from the Bucs this week asking about how happy I was with the team, the experience and the direction. The answers were not pretty. Across the league, teams that are under-performing are seeing their fans raise up (Great article here) You can provide us feedback via our Midseason report card link. We will continue to tell everyone we know in the organization our opinions. Though I remain a fan and support this team, I will not mince words about what I feel has been abysmal performance in many cases. I know you guys don’t either.

Heard of Movember?

This is not a reference to another receiver on the Bucs who should be playing in FRONT OF “Hands of Stone” Clayton. You know we at WTB? are fond of the moustache. We had our Barrett Ruud Pornstache contest last year which drew literally TENS’s of entries! This week, as I attempted to get in the mood for a 1970’s flashback, I was thinking a lot about facial hair. I heard on 1010 AM about the Movember movement. We will be talking more about this on Monday night, but please read up as I know I am IN and I hope many of you are as well. We got a late start, but there is a lot of facial hair potential in this crew!


"Here's to good memories, ounce by ounce." --Matt Westerman Currently hosting an Internet Radio/TV show called "What the Buc?" covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! We are having a blast and would love to get feedback from you folks on it.

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