WTB? Special Report: Are the Glazers Breaking the Bucs?

As you no doubt have heard, we will be joined tonight, in studio by some real journalists. The BBC is sending a crew over to do a report on the Glazers and have asked YOU, the rabid fans of the Bucs to weigh in. Now I know that many of you hold the Glazers solely to blame for our recent plight. I know that in the community, the angst around ownership is at Culverhousonian (I made that word up!) levels. But folks, these guys are REAL journalists. They clearly want your passion, but they also want data.

So tonight, in Studio 76, we will have a multi-media, internet Round Table. We will get the perspective of our friends from ‘across the pond’ about the impact of the Glazers on the most influential single sports franchise in the world, Manchester United (It’s a soccer team. That’s the round ball that you kick. I know, most Americans think the game is boring and don’t care, but fact is, it is a BIG deal everywhere else folks!) The fans of ManU would fit in very well at our tailgate. They are passionate beyond belief and they are fed up with what they see as a management team that is killing the thing they love the most.

We will be shotting on location at RayJay today then getting back in studio for a 7:00 PM kick off. Chat will be active (currently limited to 100 participants). Email is always a good way to get in your message as well at questions AT whatthebuc DOT net (Screw you SPAMMERS!). Hell, once we get going, we may even get the phone lines going! So we will see you tonight!

For those of you saying, “But OldSchool, it’s Friday night! I was going to go out with my friends drinking and having a good time!” I call bullshit! Your friends can wait. Drink with us!


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