A crappy day but a good show (I Think)

As many of you are aware, a recording that I posted has caused a shitstorm  bit of an uproar in the local area. I was fortunate (along with 30 or so other folks) to participate in an open Q&A with GM Mark Dominik. I recorded the session and posted what I felt was one of the best interactive events related to my beloved Bucs I had every heard. I did not think I did anything wrong.

I was wrong.

The Bucs believe that this was off the record and the resutl has been people taking small parts of that interaction and parlaying it into negative media etc. I was torn apart on a few shows for being irresponsible (not intentionally), stupid (not really) and damn near evil.

I love this team. I created “What the Buc?” for that reason. We do not solicit aggressively for sponsorships and I could not give a SHIT how many people come to the website. The fact that my recording caused negative backlash on the team that I love was enough for me to take it down. I wish I could say the Bucs told me to, but the truth is, they don’t really talk to me (as I am not “Real” media like the guys attacking me today).

At any rate, to the folks that the recording hurt, sorry. Not my intent. I loved the session and the openness and hope the way it was taken and handled has not caused irreparable damage.

I discuss this bullshit on the show tonight as well as have a good chat with Scott Reynolds of Pewter Reportabout OTA’s. Take a listen and let us know what you think.

Big thanks to Joe Bucs Fan for the kind words. They (unfairly IMO) took it in the face for linking to my recording and did a stand up job of standing up for me. It is appreciated.


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