Buccaneers 10th anniversary of Super Bowl XXXVII “What the Buc” Tailgate!

WTB? Tailgate ZoneOK me hearties it’s time again to prepare for another fabulous tailgate.

The excitement has been subdued a bit by two close losses in a row to two of the elite teams in the NFL the Falcons and the Broncos, but we’re hoping to bounce back and finish this season off with a 4 game sweep and the playoffs! 

This game is against another dirty bird the hated Filthydelphia Eagles. This game is also the 10th anniversary game of the 2002 Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. All the former players and coaches will be at the game and honored at halftime. Yes, it’s been 10 years.

There is also going to be some special surprise guests at the tailgate before the game! 😉

This tailgate is another special tailgate with the Holidays approaching as not only do we Love to tailgate and have a great time, but we also love to give back as much or even more than we take and this tailgate is No different.


If you’re not familiar with Alex and his BBQ restaurant it’s like a staple here in the Tampa bay area and Alex himself has a heart of gold as since 1998 he has raised money through donations for area kids by purchasing them Bicycles for Christmas. Since 1998 Alex has purchased about 16,000 bikes. Recently some low life’s broke into his restaurant and stole all of his donation money for this year, so that’s where we’re stepping up through our raffles and donations to help him out.

We will be helping Santa out by delivering these much needed donations to Alex for the bikes. God Bless You in advance! Any questions ask our very own Cheryl Stewart who works tirelessly for these charities! She arranges most of these charitable events for us and we Love her for it! 

The Eagles are coming to town so I am sure our own Chef Red will have something good in store for the tailgate as his menu will be posted shortly. Once again there will be plenty to eat and drink out there for everybody as there is never a shortage of food nor drinks.

You say how can a tailgate be so good? It takes a lot of effort from everyone involved as it’s our passion and we all work hard at that passion. What can I tell you about our very own “Chef Red” ? His food is always off the chain and the best around as he never ceases to amaze with his food. He pours his heart and soul into his food and it shows. It’s the best tailgating food you will come across with the use of his incredible “Grillzilla” an 8′ x 15′ monster of a smoker/ grill.

The open bar is always a favorite and you’re always welcome to bring a gift to add to it. One of our 3 corporate sponsors “Turbo Chill” has an incredible device for our kegs of beer that keep the beer as cold as any around and all ours are perfect with very little head. I know all the jokes that can come out of that!
Our tailgates are a mixture of family and friends and you’re more than welcome to join our group as my motto has always been the more the merrier and that’s how this small little tailgate has grown to the monster tailgate it has over the years. I started out in 1997 with a little grill, a flag and a canopy with a boom box now we have as many as 300 people at a time. Of course my merger with “What the Buc” 5 years ago made the whole thing explode.

Derek “Old School” Fournier is of course the owner and CEO of “What the Buc” a growing online web site with Buccaneers reports as Derek has been a guest radio personality on many area sports talk shows like Hooters nation, the new 98.7 The Fan, 1010 am CBS sports radio among many more. He keeps us all in line and drums up our sponsors. Myself Cap’t Rino I am the tailgate czar who is the leader of the tailgates, but of course I cannot do it on my own as it’s taken on a life of it’s on, so the wonderful Cheryl “Spent” Stewart is an incredible help as she’s good at telling how things should be done. and she works hard at helping to put things together.

Cap’t. Bones helps tremendously in his PR work drumming up local celebrities who have joined our tailgates over the years and he works hard with his impeccable organization of things at the tailgate. Buc Krazie is also a tremendous help who helps us organize everything.

Curt “The Radio personality” Creel is an area DJ in his own right over in O-town and he is the newest addition as of last year to our group, but has been a tremendous help as he helps with the PR and the kegs of beer of course being a beer expert. Matt “BucNutz” Algeri is part of the “Bucs WildBoyz” along with “Cap’t. Bones” and “Buc Krazie” who helps out also and the “Bucs WildBoyz” are a tremendous PR group for our tailgates. I know I am probably leaving out some as I always do, but I have already mentioned “Chef Red” who you never can forget.

I mentioned the family atmosphere earlier? This is why we will never charge an entrance fee to our tailgates. I have been asked by many people over the years why don’t you charge for your tailgates as I know there are plenty around who do, but we want it to stay as a casual family type atmosphere. Of course we stick out a treasure chest out front for anyone who wishes to donate whatever as we have people who are always generous in appreciation of what we offer. You can show your appreciation in monetary donations into the chest or many other ways like bringing your own side dishes and desserts as they’re always welcome and needed or bringing something to add to the bar like I mentioned earlier.

I have a Shed on site for storage, so some bring chairs to leave there and I store them so you’re welcome to do that too. No fee! Like I said this event has grown and grown and is now an incredible event as we have a house out there with full power, full men’s and women’s bathrooms, a captains wooden deck out back, big screen TV’s and we have plenty to drink and great food. Oh Yea? We also have some great games out there as we have some serious “Cornhole” tourneys out there, which is run by “The Commish” or Rick Conchiglia.

Parking is at a premium. My buddy Brian who owns the house has a huge piece of property which probably holds 100 cars, but they do go quick and they are $20 per car, which is the cheapest around Ray Jay as most of the others are $25. We are also adjacent to Lot 14 along Ohio Avenue so you can park in Lot 14 for $25 and walk over.

The address to the site is 3316 West Ohio Avenue, Tampa, FL. 33607. The house is about 1000 feet down Ohio Ave. off of Himes Ave. Maps will be included. Here are some pics of the tailgate and there are maps within:


I hope to see everyone there. All Pirates and Wenches are welcome! GO BUC’s!!

Cap’t. Rino

Capt. Rino

I guess Cap't. Rino's motto would be the more the merrier and just loving to see so many passionate Buc's fans having a great time as it's in me blood! Cap't. Rino

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