Buccaneers 10th anniversary of Super Bowl XXXVII “What the Buc” Tailgate!

OK me hearties it’s time again to prepare for another fabulous tailgate. The excitement has been subdued a bit by two close losses in a row to two of the elite teams in the NFL the Falcons and the Broncos, but we’re hoping to bounce back and finish this season off with a 4 game …Read More

“What the Buc” Opening Day Tailgate Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Carolina Panthers.

OK me hearties another season has arrived. It is now time to alert you people to our upcoming infamous tailgate. For our regulars you know all about it, but for those new to our tailgate you have never experienced anything like it. The first opening tailgate be held on the 9th of September in the …Read More

“What the Buc” Saturday Night Football Tailgate Extravaganza!

ARRRRRRRRRRRRR!! OK me hearties this be the very last tailgate of the season being that the Buc’s have no shot at the Playoffs!:( It seems as though things get worse on the field when the tailgates keep getting better, hmmm? You know I actually had someone ask me a cou…ple of days ago why I …Read More

Buccaneers vs Colts Monday Night Football tailgate update!

OK now I gunna recap ’tis past tailgate. What can ye shout ’bout th’ tailgate ’tis past Monday before th’ Monday Night Football battle against th’ Colts. Just like th’ spectacle that be Monday Night Football it was also a spectacle ‘n a epic event. It surpassed even our greatest expectations as thar were almost …Read More