Buccaneers vs Colts Monday Night Football tailgate update!

OK now I gunna recap ’tis past tailgate.

What can ye shout ’bout th’ tailgate ’tis past Monday before th’ Monday Night Football battle against th’ Colts. Just like th’ spectacle that be Monday Night Football it was also a spectacle ‘n a epic event.

It surpassed even our greatest expectations as thar were almost too many people to meet ‘n greet thar ‘n I be so sorry if I missed any ‘o ye. ’tis past tailgate gunna be off below through th’ ages as bein’ talked ’bout by many. Not only was th’ grub once again incredible as usual as Chef Red ‘n Maniac Jerry never cease to amaze me wit’ their expertise, but th’ a ruckas ‘n festivities were second to none.

I would like to gift a special hearty thanks to Chef Red, Maniac Jerry, barnacle-covered sword fightin’ academy Old School, Spent, Capt. Bones, etc. fer their tireless efforts ‘n harrrd set the sails to pull ’tis off. It took a team effort no doubt to pull ’tis one off. th’ Ribs were absolutely incredible to shout th’ least!

Not only did we get thar at th’ site extra early, maybe too early, but we wanted to make everythin’ just right ‘n have th’ the hour to have everythin’ setup in the hour ‘n we pulled it off fer sure. Not to mention th’ wee hours ‘o th’ mornin’ it took to break everythin’ below ‘n put it was as it was past 2 be before we rolled out ‘o thar.

hearty thanks fer th’ whole crew who came out ‘n made ’tis event so special as I cannot moniker all ye pirates, but we had quite a few people from all over th’ country ‘n even Canada thar.

Special hearty thanks to me bucko Charlie Mott who came below from th’ VA Hospital to join in ‘n make th’ event even that much more special. Sorry I could not spend more the hour wit’ ye Charlie.

I be knowin’ when we accomplish somethin’ like ’tis we always strive fer more ‘n better ‘n ’tis gunna be no exception so watch out as we plan to top even ’tis one before I sail out! ’til th’ 16th after we whip th’ Saints ‘n I update ye guys on another epic tailgate I gunna sign off fer now!

Capt. Rino

Capt. Rino

I guess Cap't. Rino's motto would be the more the merrier and just loving to see so many passionate Buc's fans having a great time as it's in me blood! Cap't. Rino

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