“What the Buc” Texan’s Tailgate w/ Chili Cookoff!

OK, guys and gals it is now time to start planning our next tailgate as it seems so long since the last one. Remind me to speak with the schedule makers who make us wait an entire month between home games!

The next tailgate will be Sunday the 13th day of November 2011.

We of course will be missing Chef Red at this next tailgate before the game against the Texan’s. Chef Red and Lady Alicia will be hitched by the time we will… be partying at the next tailgate. We will be sure to lift a toast to this great couple as we be partying.

Also a special shout out and Congrats goes to our very own Capt. Bones and his Lady Emily on their new little Buc’s fan Admiral Roman Gabriel. He was born a very healthy 6 lb 7 oz bundle of Bones! Born right at Capt. Bones birthday too Halloween Eve! I still think there has to be some sorcery involved huh?

We will carry on despite the absence of Chef Red as Maniac Jerry will take up the slack for Chef Red and we’re having a very special Chili Cook Off for the tailgate. Everyone is welcome to enter their Chili for this cook off and use all of the grills we will ahve available. Hopefully the wether will cooperate and give us a chilly morning, pun intended. There will be awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Chili and celebrity judges still to be determined.

Just wanted to get this invite out to you ASAP so you could start planning your Chili. 🙂 There will still be plenty of Liquor, Beer, Food, side items, etc. as we will be putting out a menu soon. We still ask that you either bring what you can to donate to the festivities or just bring yourselves and donate to the Treasure Chest as it is you peole that help us keep this fantastic tailgate going.

Also remember that this is a 1:00 pm kickoff so we will be out there in the wee hours of the morning setting up or I will! 😉 So get there early I would say anytime after 9:30 am to partake in the merriment. I look forward to seeing each and every one of you out there.

Also if you could for those who want to take part in the Chili cookoff let us know here, Thanks! I will be posting maps below!

Capt. Rino

I guess Cap't. Rino's motto would be the more the merrier and just loving to see so many passionate Buc's fans having a great time as it's in me blood! Cap't. Rino

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