The Saint’s Come Marching In “What the Buc” Tailgate

OK it be the hour to lick our wounds from last Sundays disaster ‘n head on into our next tailgate extravaganza! Remember one battle does NOT make a season.

’tis battle comin’ up be a special battle as its against th’ hated division rival New Orleans Saints, so we win ’tis one ‘n yesterday gunna be forgotten.

th’ last tailgate was an epic one fer sure ‘n gunna be talked ’bout fer ages, but we always strive to top th’ ones before… us.

’tis be another prime the hour battle against th’ a pair top NFC South Division Rivals, so kickoff gunna not be ’til 4:15pm which be a glorious the hour fer a tailgate.

I be sayin’ th’ festivities gunna begin around 12 Noon!

thar gunna be plenty ‘o assorted spiced rum, Liquor, grub, Games, etc. fer all. Most ‘o the tailgates be better than th’ games themselves Arrrr!

Remember just to brin’ ye-selves ‘n donate to th’ treasure chest or ye may brin’ grub or drink to donate.

If ye have any further questions ye may ask ye Capt. Rino here as I gunna be postin’ maps below to our destination.

We be THEE TAILGATE in Tampa Bay as we’re th’ biggest ‘n best!

We hope to see you all out there at 3316 West Ohio Ave., Tampa, FL. 33607.

th’ weather be gettin’ glorious out at th’ site these days!

Chef Red’s Menu will include:

Shrimp Uggie
NOLA Vodka Pasta
Black Ops Grilled Corn
Black Ops Sausage and Peppers
and much more to come

Capt. Rino

Capt. Rino

I guess Cap't. Rino's motto would be the more the merrier and just loving to see so many passionate Buc's fans having a great time as it's in me blood! Cap't. Rino

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