Bucs and Texans: What did you see?

First game in a long time that I had to miss, but there was a good reason to watch this contest. Many of the guys you saw suited up for the Bucs (and the Texans) will not be around in the NFL in a week. They will continue a long and very difficult path of trying to make a game into a profession, and sadly, most will fail. Now before you go on and talk about how lucky they are to get paid to play a game, realize that most people have NEVER focused on a single thing as seriously as these guys have for over a decade with the very low probability of success. I wish all of them well and a strong support structure as they make the hard choice to continue their dream or manage the migration back into ‘normal’ life.

OK, I have clearly been taking a LOT of cold medication. Onto the game! Some quick takeaways:

  1. Our team is amazingly thin (not that is not a weight joke). At many key positions,w e are one injury away from serious pain.
  2. Josh Freeman, despite not putting up great numbers and making a few really bad throws had a decent half of action.
  3. Josh Johnson makes this squad
  4. Offensive line depth is downright terrifying (yea, that means bad)

The cuts that will occur next will shape our depth chart and end up being very flexible. I epect to see, once other team’s cuts come through, a number of modifications to the final 11 players on the roster. That will be due to certain players not stepping up (Arrington and pretty much all safeties) as well as numbers battles that historically we dealt with helping us out. For those long time fans who remember, teams used to watch our cuts like hawks as we regularly had to cut talent due to our depth. This year, not so much.

We will cover the game this Monday at 7:00 PM on “What the Buc?” as well as the WTB? Fantasy Draft. Come join us!


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