Bucs best new coach (and OC), Jeff Jagodzinski: FIRED

In another of a string of unbelievable moves, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers today fired new offensive coordinator, Jeff Jagodzinski. Announced on the Bucs website, this move continues in the line of concerning steps by the once proud *(and previously, no sot proud) franchise. Welcome coach Greg Olsen to the OC ranks.

Fans have been upset at what is percevied as a spendthrift front office being dictated to by their owners.  The recent Forbes posting had the Bucs rated at #8 overall in financial rankings in NFL franchises, yet teh team is in shambles. We made fun of KC for doing this with a far less talented OC Monday. Now, a week and change out from your season, to fire a bright and talented coach is beyond perplexing.

I can only conceive of a few scenarios that this makes sense in:

  1. Power Struggle: With Raheem being new, Jags is a threat to his authority. If there are disagreements, that struggle could cause issues internally.

Oh wait…short of a legal proceeding that we have not heard about yet, that is it.


Dammit. This sucks. We are live tonight at 7:00 PM.


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