Flu be DAMNED! WTB? will be live tonight!

Folks, I have had a rough run. I had a pinched nerve caused by a slipped disc that had me hopped up on goofballs for three weeks. That has finally started to subside and a case of Avian flu (or just a common cold) has set in. Point is, do not stand by me right now. That all notwithstanding, the show must go on! We have one preseason game left and we are going to talk about it. So get your cold drinks ready, position yourself in front of the computer and join your closest friends for an hour of WTB? Topics to be covered include (but are not limited to):

  1. What you can expect to see versus the Titans
  2. Who you can expect to see versus the Titans
  3. Discussion about why anyone would pay to see the fourth preseason game
  4. Why OldSchool would rather watch this game then the Rays vs. Red Sox game last night
  5. Predictive MVP’s and Score (WHY!?!!) Prediction
  6. News from around the league

Come and join us for what should be a raucous hour of football and general fun. Not sure what the drink of the evening will be, but we will, as always, share it with you. See you at 7:00 PM Eastern time!


"Here's to good memories, ounce by ounce." --Matt Westerman Currently hosting an Internet Radio/TV show called "What the Buc?" covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! We are having a blast and would love to get feedback from you folks on it.

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