Bucs @ Titans: First Quarter Review

Finally here folks! Bucs season is upon us and we are going to get some answers. I will be making four posts during the game and one post game entry.

First Possession

It looked like, well, a first possession. Misread by Stovall or Luke on 1st. Short run on second for crud down and distance. Incomplete (dropped) pass to Cortez Hankton on 3rd, a pass which would not have resulted in a first down anyway.


Defense started out a litte weak but the secondary played solid. Nice work against the run especially by Sabby, who ended the drive with an interception in the endzone.

Second Possession

Short run on first to Graham. Not a lot of room in there. Winslow made and appearance on a nice out route to set up 3rd and short. Quick slant to Brian Clark for a first down but the ball popped out. Raheem Morris gets his first chance to challenge a call. Lynch (and I) think the runner was down by contact.

Drive stalls and ends on a fumble by E. Graham. Guys, we have GOT to hold onto the ball.


Great work by E. Mack in the endzone to stop Nate Washington. Drive stalls, Titans score with a field goal by Bironas.

Third Possession

Good lord. Stroughter stumbles and misses the kickoff. Fortunately, he was able to collect the ball and take a knee. I already miss Peanut.

Nice run by D. Ward sets up 2nd and 3. Instead of play action, they run Ward off right guard again. Luke pulls a Luke and fumbles under pressure. He got saved by a facemask on the play.

Zuttah is getting MAULED tonight. The offensive line has GOT to create some space for the running backs and give the QB some time.

Note to Coach Jagodzinski: Play Action only works wen you are running effectively. Luke is holding the ball too long and ends up throwing away another ball leading to a nice punt by ‘Rent-a-punter” Nice work pinning the Titans deep in their own territory.


This is a chance for the defense to get the offense some goof field position to work with. Titans are pinned back at their own8 yard line. Torrie and Sabby crashed down on Johnson for a short gain. First string offense is still in for both sides and Chris Johnson got piled up after Flip missed the initial tackle. Collins picks on Flip and completes a first down pass to his Tight End.

<End of First Quarter>


Well, a rough start on offense. The offensive line was offensive, opening up no real lanes for either back. Luke looks scared and that will NOT get him the starter spot. He got saved on that fumble, but overall, ball security was crap.

The defense looks OK. Defensive backs are playing the run well. The Defensive line is getting upfield, but needs more pressure.


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