Bucs @ Titans: Fourth Quarter Review

OK, so that staring down the receiver thing I mentioned earlier…he did it again and this time it cost the Bucs a TD. Moutan jumped the stop route and picked Freeman then took the ball to the house for 6. Titans lead, 27 – 12

Ninth Possession

Nice completion to Stroughter after being flushed and rolling to his left gets the Bucs a first down (20 yd). Huggins gets the handoff and moves it forward as he seems to be very fresh. The Bucs need two TD’s so they better get the ball downfield. Despite starring at Carter for 10 minutes, he delivers the ball to Carter for a completion. Huggins gets some more action and nears the 50 yd mark.

Call us manic, Huggins gets smacked and fumbles, luckily, the Bucs line recovers. 4th down and 2 and the Bucs were ready to go for it. Titans called time out.

Freeman incomplete to the flat, Titans ball.


Good run defense forces the Titans into a pass. Arrington makes a nice play on a ball that should have been complete downfield. The Titans go 3 and out to punt.

Tenth Possession

A crappy punt by the Titans gives the Bucs nice field position for this drive.

Josh Johnson makes his debut and throws to Urrutia. Should have been caught, but was not so now we have 2nd and 10.  Screen play to Huggins is sniffed out by the Titans defense leading to a 2 yard loss. On third down, Johnson complete to Stroughter for a first down. Very nice pass and catch.

Johnson continues the drive hitting Ryan Purvis in the flat for a few yards in Titans territory. Johnson’s pass to Urrutia is a little under-thrown and falls incomplete.

Busted play but Johnson scrambles for a 40_ yard TD run leaving defenders behind and showing his speed. The Bucs go for a 2 point conversion to bring the game to a 1 TD lead.

Johnson hits Ryan Purvis who makes a great catch for the conversion.


A touchback on the kickoff? Are you kidding me? Nugent almost kicked the ball out of the end zone. The defense needs to get a good 3 and out to give the offense a chance. Jarriet Buie blows up the play and leads to a big loss on first down. Ramsey feels pressure and throws incomplete stopping the clock. A false start by the Titans makes it 3rd and 19 in the shadow of their own goalposts.

Ramsey takes a shot downfield and CJ Byrd commits pass interference giving the Titans a first down and great field position (30 yard penalty).

The Titans are killing us by using their TE’s and eating up the clock. Bucs stop the Titans on 3rd and 1 with 2:37 left on the clock. Ramsey scrambles and gets the 1st down and keeps the clock moving.


Josh Johnson looked good. The Bucs 3s and 4s on defense do not look good at all.


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