Bucs @ Titans: Third Quarter Review


VY starts under center and goes play action to a naked bootleg. He completes the pass to his TE for a 12 yd gain. Will Allen is still out. We are very deep into reserves. Kyle Moore, Louis Holmes, Dre Moore and Ryan Simms are on the line. We have a Matt McCoy sighting as well as an Arrington spot. DB’s are still playing well in run support. DLine flushed Young and he scrambles for a nice gain but comes up gimpy after the 7 yard scamper. Good read by VY on our corner blitz results in a hot read to the right side for a first down.

Holmes finally blocks a pass out of that naked bootleg. Looks like they went to the well too often. Great read by the defense on the attempted screen to Chris Henry. Good pressure upfield by the line and fills by the LB. VY scambles, the corner came up and the safety was nowhere to be found. TD Titans. Tennessee now up, 13-12

We CANNOT give up 93 yard drives!

Seventh Possession

Nice run by Kareem Huggins off left tackle. Josh Freeman is in the huddle. Huggins gets another carry for positive yardage. QB sneak with the big guy for a first down.

ALERT! Freeman STARES down the receiver and almost gets his pass picked off. He has GOT to learn to look off his primary. Mario Urrutia was the target. 2nd down and Freeman to Gilmore for about 9 yards. We are back in good down and distance. A three wide set for Freeman and Josh hits Patrick Carter for a first down. Very nice play.

Huggins continues to pile up yards with another nice 3 yard run to the right. A nice inside run by Huggins for a big gain and we may have found our new Mr. October. With the talent on this roster, his making the team is a stretch, but the kid looks very good. Additionally, the second string line is blocking well.  Josh holds on the ball too long and takes a sack leading to 2nd and 14. Huggins carries for no gain setting up a tough 3rd down for the rookie.

The Titans showed blitz (left), rolled the safety showing single deep. Freeman went to the right and was behind Carter. Nugent knuckles a 50 yard FG attempt and misses badly.


Ramsey in and completes a pass to the tight end in front of McCoy. Run right by Henry and a missed tackle leads to 3rd and short. Ramset rolls out right and completes a pass to his backup TE for the first down. Good coverage but still a completion. The defense is swarming nicely. A draw play makes nice positive yards as the Titans continue to drive against the reserves in on defense. Completion to Kenny Britt for a first down and Jim Bates may literally kill somebody.

A great read by Heyward but a missed tackle and Ringer takes a run 37 yards to the house.

Eighth Possession

After a ho-hum D Jack return, Freeman lines up the offense. Quick toss to Sammie Stroughter for a nice gain that takes us to the end of the third quarter.


The run defense, which looked so strong early was abused. The 2nd and 3rd stringers are not getting the job done as back to back Titans TD drives put them in the lead by 8 points. We need to see Heyward and Hayes get that defensive unit moving and wrap guys up. Sloppy play all in all. Freeman putting in good work and moving the team. It will be interesting to see if he can lead the team back in the 4th.


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