“Dirty Birds Tailgate Recap “

“Ok let’s recap this past tailgate shall we? T’ key word be WET!! It was a very wet, muggy, muddy day t’ say t’ least, but did that dappen our grog?

Hell No! I will steal somethin’ our very own Old School said that day, he said “We may not have as many people as usual, but I be very proud o’ what we did as look at all o’ t’ people huddled under t’ canopies stickin’ around t’ tailgate!” 🙂 ”

“I could not have said it any better as that’s what we had people! We had t’ passionate diehard tailgaters havin’ a great time enjoyin’ Chef Red and Maniac Jerrys’ fantastic food and t’ grog and liquor that was thar and overall just havin’ a great time even with t’ rain comin’ down. ”

“By some divine intervention though it seemed t’ stop starboard before we headed into t’ game and throughout t’ great game as we saw our Young Buc’s team whip t’ Dirty Birds from Atlanta keepin’ their share o’ 1st place. ”

“T’ food was as good as ever. I would say better then ever, but that’s hard t’ say as it’s always fantastic. Red’s smoked Falcon legs and Jerry’s pulled pork were both incredible. We still had a decent turnout all in all, but thar were many who failed t’ show due t’ t’ weather. ”

“I be needin’ t’ give a special Thanks t’ our Canadian bucko for comin’ down and settin’ up his Bloody Caeser bar as I thought they were tremendous!

I want t’ once again Thank everyone for makin’ these tailgates possible with their generous donations and t’ food and drinks they bring’. ”

Until this comin’ Monday when we take on t’ Colt’s on Monday Night Football I will sign off and just say we hope t’ see you all on MNF this comin’ Monday as this tailgate will be somethin’ special, just check this site as details will be up shortly!

Check t’ link provided below for tailgate and game photos:

Capt. Rino ”



Capt. Rino

I guess Cap't. Rino's motto would be the more the merrier and just loving to see so many passionate Buc's fans having a great time as it's in me blood! Cap't. Rino

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