Happiest man in Tampa? Josh Freeman! (read on)

This evening, Jason LaCanfora Tweeted that the Bucs were nearing a deal with Donald Penn and that he was on is way to Tampa to possibly sign the deal tomorrow. Regardless of your beliefs on Penn’s absolute value, leverage or physique, he is by far the best LT we have and, when on his game, a very solid tackle. With the Bucs placing their hopes and dreams on the golden arm of Josh Freeman, the young signal caller must have been waking in cold sweats thinking about how many times he was going to be decked with the inexperienced left side of the line we were staring at until today.

Well, NFL.COM is reporting that Mr. LaCanfora seems to be correct and that the major items of a contract have been worked out and Donald Penn should be the Bucs LT for quite some time. While Josh did not call me, I feel as though an audible sigh of relief could be heard in the Tampa Bay area.

Now (again, assuming the deal gets done) it is up to Donald. You have played well enough to get here. Now you have to prove you are worth the investment. You have to shut down the edge and keep Freeman clean. You have to clear a path for Caddy and Derrick (and EG) the way you did in the past and you have to do all of this while avoiding the label of ‘Fat Guy,’ and the wrap of fading in the stretch.

You up to it Donald? I think you are. Josh hopes you are. The Bucs are betting you are.

Man, that almost seemed deep! GO BUCS!


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