2 Hand Touch with Steve White Podcast up (Patriots)

If you missed Tuesday’s show (and can get over the fact that in the new world order it seems to take an extra 36 hours to get a podcast posted…I am working on that folks!), here is the link to the podcast of our Tuesday Night show. It is definitely worth a listen if you missed it live as Steve White continues to educate us all on the finer elements of defensive line work .

If you have missed the Tuesday Installments, you suck. They are easy to participate in as you can watch and chat right here! (just like you have for the last 5/6 years!) The big win here (other than the presence of the Bucs Babe) is that now you can also listen to us in your car (or anywhere there is a radio) and on your mobile device via Radio.com! There are no more excuses!

And despite its presence elsewhere on the site, here is another embedded podcast player. Ya know you can get us via iTunes and Zune Marketplace as well (For free of course. We know our own value!).