Adrian Clayborn, live Thursday Night!

Adrian ClaybornOK folks, the string continues! This week we are to be joined by first round draft pick and all around nice guy, Adrian Clayborn! I met Adrian in Scottsdale at the Cuervo games and did a brief interview but it was admittedly a little too ‘man crushy’ as I just happened to run into him.

This interview will be different! Expect hard hitting, deep diving and insightful dialog.

Who the hell are we kidding?

We will have our normal brand of great good WTB? Football talk and a chance to get to know our newest defensive line stud live for you at 9:00 PM this Thursday.

To answer your question, “no,” we have no idea how we have been so fortunate as to have a string of our Buccaneers come share time with us but we hope to continue the string! If you have questions for Adrian, get them in early to the mailbox.