Myron Lewis joins us Thursday Night

Myron LewisIf the lockout has done anything (other than suck, piss us off, ruin television, eliminate better speculation on the year and generally make life less livable) it has had one positive effect.

We have been able to talk to more players! The Bucs players have been very approachable and open to chatting with us and the fans which is a model that the NFLPA, NFLTA (Trade Association…um, sort of, whatever) would be well advised to emulate.

This week, we get relative newcomer, Myron Lewis to join us. We will most certainly be tlaking about the defensive backfield, the impact of Aqib Talib’s legal situation, life without football and in many ways, trying to get to know Myron a little better as we did not get to see much of him last year due to injury.

You may remember Myron best from this bullshit call in the Ravens game Myron Lewis got screwed.

The show will be Thursday night (June 23rd) at 9:00 PM with Myron’s interview starting at 9:15. If you would like to participate, join us here where you can also participate in the live chat and submit your questions for Myron! If you want to submit a question early, feel free to do so by emailing QUESTIONS at WHATTHEBUC dot NET (you get it, right?). We will try to get as many in as possible.

Keep in mind, we have had a heckuva run here with the likes of:

  1. Adrian Clayborn (From Cuervo Games in Scottsdale)
  2. Allen Bradford
  3. James Lee
  4. Anthony Gaitor
  5. Roy Miller
  6. Larry Asante

You never know what the guys will say so make sure you tune in and if you do happen to miss the show, make sure you are subscribed to the podcast.

See ya Thursday!