2017 Camp Update: Lagging Late

It is hot. The guys are tired of hitting each other. Players that know their role are ready to get healthy and mount the real campaign. That all said, the camp time MATTERS and Coach Koetter was not happy with the effort today. Interestingly enough, it felt better than yesterday to me but he was quick to point out that his impressions in the post practice presser are immediate and the real evals happy after practice when reviewing footage.

Chris Godwin had a good practice with increased looks due to Evans being held out (not a concern). A. Glanton continues to make plays with the LB depth thrown a little sideways due to Kwon Alexander’s lingering issue (no update). The TE stack looks impressive again but every aspect of the team is made better with more weapons. The team showed a lot of Empty sets today, only really possible with good blocking and/or great weapons. This bodes well for the team this season.

Reminder: Tune in Thursday night as I am joined by Justin Pawlowski (@CommishOnline) of Bucs UNcensored and Keith Larson as we talk fan unity and what we expect to see in the game Saturday night.