2017 Bucs Camp: Final Chapter

Well, this Training Camp is now finished. It closed with more of a whimper than a roar, but the spirits are still high here in Tampa. The continuation of sloppy and low energy practices are a bit of a mystery but there is no shortage of excuses. The nice thing is this staff does not tolerate excuses. It is their job to get the players ready to play and the players have the job of executing. That was not the case recently but as a fan, I have a feeling the staff will get things in line.

Today, we saw some good accuracy from Jameis which is nice. Glanton popped again and there was good work from Sims III echoed by high praise from Coach Koetter. Gerald McCoy did precious little today apparently, by design. I saw him leave gingerly yesterday and to be honest, this is the time when players are getting dinged up and may be better off in cryo than on the field.

We will be live TONIGHT right here talking about the unification of our Bucs fanbase as well as a healthy dose of Training Camp talk and thought about the team moving forward. We will be joined by Justin Pawlowski (@CommishOnline) of the Bucs UNCensored podcast as well as Keith Larson of the Buccaholics.