Bucs Nation. Unified – The Podcast

This week we were joined in studio by Justin Pawlowski (@CommishOnline), Keith Larson and Christian Perez. The mission was clear: Present a unified Buccaneers Fanbase. I would say, after that hour and a half, mission accomplished!

We announced that we would be joining forces with all groups joining the What the Buc tailgate. The only Hall of Fame Tailgate in Tampa Bay. Justin discussed the plans for the embarkation to Ray Jay as well as the process through the stadium. We all discussed how it made us feel as fans to be part of something the unique.

We did get around to talking about football as well and this game is critical for a few reasons. The team must still evaluate depth in a number of key positions. Coach Koetter is crystal clear on the fact that these games are practices that you can hit in which allows real evaluation. Look for depth and look for focus.

Predictive MVP’s and Score

  • Keith
    • Godwin
    • Beckwith
    • Bucs 42-40
  • Christian
    • Howard
    • Beckwith
    • 17-13
  • Justin
    • Howard
    • Spence
    • 24-23 (And a Rudy-like carry off the field moment for Nick Folk)
  • OldSchool
    • Brate
    • David
    • 38-21

It was a great time with a large crowd. Big things are happening and more announcements will be out soon.