More Crap News, Early Opinions and Actual Football Talk

Before recording this, the Jameis news broke. By news, I mean allegations. There is a difference though many don’t care about that. I talk about that in this podcast so feel free to listen and let me know your thoughts. I hope Jameis is the guy I have had the pleasure of getting to know and that it turns out he is innocent. I also hope whoever did this is brought to justice, whatever that is.

On football, the Jets game showed us a lot. Big ups to the film junkies as they did a GREAT job highlighting the patterns and points. That is a major topic of this podcast.

Losing sucks. Losing is demotivating. Losing takes a toll. Don’t make it worse.

We will win this week and the offense will look very good. The defense will help make that happen. 28-13. Write it down.

PS: I hope this post ages well.